Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas Eve

What a wonderful Christmas Eve.  Every one was home again to keep the traditions going.  
On Christmas Eve the kids open their gifts from Mike and I and each other.  Tori was so funny...she insisted on opening every gift...not just hers, but everyones.  She would give the presents to the person one she unwrapped the gift.  It was a hoot.  She also made sure every single piece of wrapping paper and tape was removed from the gift before she would look at it to see what it was.  Unwrapping therefore lasted a long time this year.  The big surprise this year was a two man 13 foot two man Kayak for Mike.  Trying to sneak it in the house was funny as we distracted him with a task upstairs.  He definitely was surprised when he came downstairs!

Ready for Christmas...

Piece by piece she unwrapped Christmas and all it had to offer.

This was Mike's surprise.

Mike seeing his Kayak...what a surprise!

Looking for Santa and his reindeer

Reading Twas the Night Before Christmas

 A Christmas Eve Sleep Over

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