Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas Day

The kids woke up around seven to see if Santa came.  Santa brought Tori a Barbie Bike and Barbie guitar, the two big items she was hoping for.  Both were a big hit.  Nick got a video camera and Xbox gear and Ashley got a few Disney Jim Shore pieces for her collection.  I got an Ipad!  I was hoping for one...Mike has one and Tori loves to play on "her pad" as she calls his.  So now, I will share my pad with her as well.  Mike got some books and cookies gadgets.  He has become a wonderful breakfast chef and he always talks about having the right tools.  Now, he does.

Later in the day, our family came over and we exchanged gifts differently this year.  We did a dirty Santa exchange.  It was a lot of fun and surprised you on what some people decided to take.  Micah and Tori gave us a jam concert with their new guitars.  That was very cool!  Max's is getting bigger and enjoyed his first Christmas with the family.

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