Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tori's birthday, Erie County Fair and Marineland

On Tori's actual birthday, she celebrated at school with her preschool class. We brought cookies with lots of icing on top. As you can see, Tori ate the icing first and only the icing. At night, we took her to Cold Stone for ice cream and she loved having her own cone of cake batter ice cream.

We had a wonderful, but quick visit in Buffalo. We celebrated Tori's birthday with family and friends. We also took her to the Erie County Fair where she rode some rides and actually fed the goats. We also went to Marineland for more rides and this time feeding the deer. Tori was getting bold with the animals. One deer tried to take her ice cream cone of deer food, but she took it back and went to feed a new deer.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Tori

Tori celebrated her second birthday this weekend with some of our family. This is the first of three celebrations. The next one will be at her preschool on Wednesday, her real birthday, and another in Buffalo when we go home this weekend. She definitely is getting the hang of birthday cake and presents. She is too cute...she can say that she is two...but holds up 5 fingers (can't get the others to stay down). She also can tell you she was born in Vietnam. Here are a few pictures of her first celebration.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

First Annual Girls Weekend At the Beach

Last weekend we had our first girls weekend at the beach. Deb flew in (on a very delayed flight) to join us for girls weekend. Mom, Michelle and Micah drove in from Charlotte and the girls headed down to our condo at North Myrtle Beach. We enjoyed the sun, some shopping, good eats and good company. We even played some banana grams...its sort of like scrabble. I learned that my family is very competitive since they started without me as I helped Miss Tori in the potty (yes we are potty training.) I still managed to build my words first...sweet revenge. We had a great time and can't wait to make it an annual event.

This weekend also started Miss Tori's high interest in the potty since she figured out how to go peeps...even just a few drops in order to get M & M's. She also is a bit of a con artist...I swear she would only go a few drops to get M's, then sit down and go more for more M's. She earned lots of M's this weekend. She is still interested in going, but not anywhere close to full training. It's a start though.