Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Beach Makes a Wonderful Background

Each weekend we head down to the beach is like a mini-retreat. This weekend we brought the jet ski down and Nick and Ashley drove it all around the inner-coastal waters. On Saturday night, we went to the beach at night to look for crabs. We brought mini-flashlights. Tori had a blast with hers even though we didn't see any crabs.

Tori is always complaining about the sun...so here she is so hip in her animal print sunglasses...You go girl!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy First Anniversary Tori

It is hard to believe that just one year ago today Tori was put into our arms for the very first time and from that day on we are her "forever" family. One year ago, Tori was a peanut...just under 17 lbs and very shy. Today she is about 22 lbs and has blossomed into a sweet little girl who is coming out of her shell. She LOVES to talk and play outside. Here are some pictures of a typical summer day in her life now.

Tori doesn't like the sun in her eyes...so lately she requests glasses...that are hard to stay on because of her cute little nose.

We go from the glider, to the pink swing to the yellow swing to the slide. Tori easily climbs the rock wall to the top of the slide. She also loves the sand box and is always carrying a buck of sand as her purse. I think she is picking up on mom's purse frenzy. A girl just can't have too many you know.