Friday, October 21, 2011

O-You...Oprah University, Atlanta, GA October 15, 2011

Debbie and I flew to Atlanta, GA to attend the O-You...Oprah University at the Georgia Dome Conference Center.  We were among 5000 people to participate in a wonderful day that focused on Being the Best You and Finding Your Passion.  We were very surprised to see so many of the wonderful folks that are regulars contributors to the O Magazine and appeared on the Oprah show.

The Event was opened by Gail King, Oprah's Best Friend.  She introduced us to the first of many speakers to include: Lisa Ling (news reporter), Dr. Mehmet Oz (medical coach), Suze Orman (money coach)  and Martha Beck (life coach).

In our first session, Finding your passion, we listened to Martha Beck, Suze Orman, Sarah Blakely (invented Spanx), and Donna Brazile (a political strategist).

In our second session, Feeling Good, Looking Better, we listed to: Dr. Oz, Adam Glassman (style coach), Val Monroe (Editor of O Magazine) and Bob Green (nutritionist/exercise).  

The closing session speaker was Oprah Winfrey!  It was a great inspirational conference!

Tori Learned to Swim This Summer

Tori took swimming lessons from June until August.  She was a bit timid when she began the lessons.  It took many lessons to put her face in the water and then blow bubbles.  Ms. Ruth the swim teacher taught with such patients and by the end of the summer...Tori was swimming underwater, jumping in by herself and going under, and even jumping off the diving board into the deep end of the club pool.  It was amazing how well she was swimming after just a few months.  Ms. Ruth gave her the confidence that she could swim in the water and Tori blossomed under her instruction.