Friday, September 9, 2011

Off to London

We were fortunate to travel to London for a week in August this year.  Mike needed to go to London for work and we were able to add on a pleasure trip too.  During our visit I spent a day on a photography tour where we visited many of London's sites and I learned to shoot with my camera in different ways and fine tune my current skills.  We also went to see the sequel to Phantom of the Opera...When Love Never Dies.  On our free time we went on a few walking tours, visited the outdoor market in Notting Hill and took a day trip to Stone Hedge and Bath.


Gone Fishing

This summer we spent a weekend with Breeden and Cathie Blackwell at their lake house on Lake Tillery.  Tori went fishing for the first time with a Disney Princess Fishing Pole from Mr. Blackwell.  She had a blast and caught 20 fish in two days.  She even became comfortable with picking up the worms to put on her pole.

A Trip to the Beach with Cathy and Lily

Cathy and Lily came to visit us at the Myrtle Beach.  We spent almost a week doing lots of fun things together.  The visit started off with Lily and Tori running to hug each other when Lily and Cathy came off the plane.  It was priceless!

We spent the week swimming in the pool, playing in the ocean waves, visiting the Ripley Aquarium and the Alligator Adventure and finishing the week with a boat ride to see wild dolphins frolicking in the ocean.  The girls also celebrated their birthdays together!