Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hawaii...Outrigger Adventure

Mike and Nick went on an outrigger adventure.  They saw lots of sea life to include sea turtles, an eagle ray, and a variety of fish. 

Hawaii...Photography Tour

Ashley and I took a photography tour with Photo Safari Maui.  We went to an area that looks like Ferngully with lots of high trees, hanging vines, and lush greens.  We also visited a blow hole and a a few other scenic sites.  Here are a few pictures we took during our tour.


Hawaii...Whale Watching

We went on the Hawaii Ocean Project Whale Watch out of the Lahaina Harbor.  We saw many humpback whales spouting water, surfacing the water, and diving into the ocean.  We wished they came closer to us to get a closer look, but we all enjoyed seeing the whales frolicking in the ocean waters here in Hawaii.  These whales migrated from Alaska to Hawaii to give birth to their calves.  Some of the whale pods included the new calves born at about 2.5 tons!

Hawaii...Around the Resort

Today we spent the day planning our week, booking our tours and exploring the hotel grounds.  We only spent a short time at the pool due to some rain and cool winds.  At night, we went to dinner at Bubba Gumps.  Then we spent some time wandering through the stores on Front Street in Lahaina.  Tori found a wooden back scratcher that she would "love to have."  Mike asked her if she had an money...Tori replied, "No, I don't even have any pockets!"  Priceless.  A $1.30 back scratcher made Tori so happy.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning began around 7:30 when the kids came down to see what surprises Santa brought.  Tori was in awe at all the presents Santa brought our family.  She held out her hands in awe and her expression was simply priceless.