Monday, May 23, 2011

Baseball Senior Night at Jack Britt

Senior night was celebrated before the last Terry Sanford game.  The Bucks didn't win the game but we were all very proud of our boys for working hard this season.  For Nick the season highlights include to high strike out games against Cape Fear with 14 and 12 strikeouts per game.  He also managed to pitch this season even with one injury after another to include: cyst on his pitching wrist, rotater cuff sprain, concussion and finally a broken foot! 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

New York City May 2011

Tori's first ride in a limo..."What kind of ride is this?"  She acted like it was a ride at an amusement park.  We ordered a sedan to pick us up from the airport, however, they sent a stretch limo. 

A room with a view...Time Square

A playdate with the Costa family.  First we had brunch at Fred's Restaurant and then we went to the Manhattan Children's Museum.

Jack Britt Prom May 2011


Nick took Andrea, a good friend, to the Jack Britt Prom

Nick's good friend Josh

Nick and his girlfriend Rachel

Tori and Bailey

Our Bird Hotel

A mother bird built a nest inside my wreath, in the flowers.  She had three babies who hatched from the eggs.  They stayed until one day they "flew the coop."  I miss their little chirps!

Spinning on the Swing...One of Tori's Favorite Things To Do

Cayman Islands

We went to the Cayman Islands for Mike's job.  We flew in a few days early to enjoy the island and some nice couple time.  We even rented a sailboat and took the other couples out on a sunset cruise.  We even came home with two  signed Guy Harvey prints. 

Tori: Preparing for Her Dance Recital

 Tori has been taking dance since August and her class is getting ready for their recital the first week of June.  Tori enjoys going to dance and seems to be learning the routine pretty well.