Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tori's Disney Trip with Ashley and Bryan

Saturday (Check in/Magic Kingdom):

On Saturday, we drove the rest of the way from GA to Disney and checked in at our hotel.  We decided to spend a half-day at Magic Kingdom!  We made it in time for the afternoon parade, Celebrate a Dream Come True.  During this parade, Mickey Mouse, Tinkerbell, and Cinderella blew Tori kisses.  What was even more special was that Anastasia, one of Cinderellas stepsisters came and sat next to Tori for a minute and had a whole conversation with her!  It was precious!  Later in the day, Tori was asked to dance in the Move It Shake It Parade!  She danced in the conga line with one of the dancers and Jesse from Toy Story!

Sunday (Animal Kingdom):

This day was such a magical day!  We went around getting autographs from the characters and seeing the shows.  The best part about it, Allison Becker was able to get us VIP seats for her show, The Festival of the Lion King!  During the show, Bryan was asked to make the sound of an elephant for our side of the arena.  Following that, Allison asked Tori if she wanted to come and dance in the show with the musical instruments!  Later, during the Jungle Jammin’ Parade, Chip came over and ate some of Tori’s popcorn!  Tori couldn’t believe it!

Monday (Hollywood Studios):

While at Hollywood Studios, we met Buzz Lightyear and Mr. Incredible.  We also got to meet Lightening McQueen and Tow Mater!  Throughout the day, we rode rides and say a bunch of shows.  Tori got her face painted and she became a garden fairy!
Bryan was able to see his Indiana Jones show too.  After the show, Ashley didn’t let Bryan get his Indiana Jones Fedora and as soon as Tori came home she told Mom and Dad, “Ashley didn’t let Bryan get his hat that he wanted!”   We finished the night with a showing of Fantasmic!  We had fantastic seats in the center and loved seeing the characters up close!

Tuesday (Magic Kingdom):

On this day at Magic Kingdom, we played the character chase game and ran all over the parks to get autographs.  When we entered the park, we practically ran, stroller and all, to Rapunzel’s Garden.  Rapunzel’s line is normally almost 3 hours long so we made sure we got there first!  We ended up only having a 10 minute wait with maybe 5 people in front of us!  When Tori met Rapunzel, she showed her the autograph book and it had her picture in it!  Rapunzel thanked Tori for putting her picture in the book, because not many have her picture in it yet.  Rapunzel also told Tori that she was her New Best Friend because of it!  It was so sweet!  From Rapunzel, we went and met Terrance and Tink.  While seeing Tinkerbell, Tink tickled Tori to make her laugh for the pictures.  Tori loved it!  Later in the day, we saw the Dream Come True Parade again and Tori was blown kisses by Cinderella, Prince Eric, Ariel, and Alice!

Wednesday (Epcot):

While in Epcot, we went and met Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Pluto, Daisy and Stitch right away!  From there we went to Nemo’s Living Seas ride.  What a fantastic ride!  We all climbed into a clamshell and toured an aquarium underground with the Nemo characters projected as if they are in the water talking to us as well!  Following that, we went and had Turtle Talk with Crush.  During Turtle Talk, Crush asks the kids if they have any questions for him.  Tori rose her hand and the conversation went as follows…
Crush: ”Yes, little Dudette, sublevel in the flowered dress.” 
Tori: “Why did the chicken cross the road?”
Crush: “Uh..What’s a chicken?”
Tori: “Because it wanted to get away from the cars!”
Crush: “Uhh…Wouldn’t the chicken just stay away from the road?”

It was the cutest interaction ever!  After Turtle Talk, we went down to China to meet Mulan.  We waited a little while and made sure that Tori was first to meet her.  Mulan came out and took Tori on a little walk to go to the photo spot.  Mulan took quite a bit of time with Tori and it was precious.  Tori even quoted a line for the movie and Mulan finished it for her!  Mulan even told Tori that she would tell Mushu that she met her biggest fan today!

After lunch, we went to see both Belle and the Beast!  Belle was walking around and stopped at Tori to comment on her outfit.  Tori was wearing a Matilda Jane outfit and it had a tag on it with that name.  Belle asked Tori if that was her name and Tori told her “No, I’m Tori”.  Belle laughed and said, “That is a lovely name”  When it was our turn to meet both Belle and the Beast, they asked her to twirl and dance with them!  Tori even worked up enough courage and sang Belle and Beast one of their songs!  It was adorable!

One of the coolest parts of this day was that we got a private story time with Princess Jasmine!  The room had two other families in it and Jasmine read us a story about her life.  After the story, Jasmine spent individual time with each child and took pictures with everyone!

Thursday (Magic Kingdom):

We were originally supposed to leave today but we were having so much fun that we decided to stay another night and another day in Disney!  We went back to Magic Kingdom to ride more of the rides that we missed as well as see the parades again!  Tori just loved the parades!  During the Main Street Electrical Parade that night, Snow White came over to Tori and commented on her bows.  Also, Tori and one of the Soldiers danced together!  It had started to drizzle just a little and two of the floats got stuck!

We had a great trip and can't wait to go back!