Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sign Language

Tori has been communicating with us for months using sign language. She picked it up watching Baby Einstein First Signs. She uses some of it daily. I finally got some pictures of her using her sign language. She even used it at day care so her teacher started teaching the other children some sign language. I truly believe it helps her to cry less since she can tell us what she wants. Here are some pictures of her signing.




Tori's Version of Daddy...She is suppose to be pointing her thumb to her head, but her version is much cuter...

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Heather said...

Both Melaih and Khai have been using sign language since we brought them home.It defianetly helps me on a daily basis understand the needs of two babies quicker.The signs they use everyday are eat,more and all done. My favorite is I love you.Even though they are talkimg they will sign and say it now.I wish I could get them to sit long enough to get pictures of the signs like you did.I might take a movie because I think we might be at the end of our signing days and I want to remember it.