Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Readoption Paperwork Has Been Filed!

On December 15th, Mike and I went down to the Fayetteville Courthouse and filed the necessary paperwork to readopt Tori in the US so she can have a North Carolina Birth Certificate and officially change her name to Victoria Nguyen Nagowski. It can take up to 90 days, but we are hoping it will come sooner. Then we will have to get her a new Certificate of Citzenship and a new social security card and passport showing her new official name.

We also sent off our first Adoption Report to Vietnam. As part of our adoption, we need to send bi-annual reports for the first three years and once a year after that until Tori is 18. It is an update of how Tori is doing including a few photos of her.

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Carol said...

Kim Dear
I was so happy to see your blog today on Nicole's site. Your family is so beautiful! You all look so happy in your new home. I wish you the best of the holidays and the best of 20-09!
Carol (Nicole's Mom and Zubin's Ba)