Thursday, March 24, 2011

Costa Rica...Amazing Trip Part III

Dad went for an hour walk in the morning.  After breakfast, we were picked up in the same Prada and drove the two hours (only one potty break) to the Palo Verde National Forest for a one and half hour boat ride down the river.  We spotted lots of wildlife with the help of our guide Pablo and the boat driver.  We saw crocodiles, iguanas and lots of different birds.  After the boat ride, we ate lunch at the home of the tour boat ride owner's home.  The tour was run by a local Eco-tourism company. 

We then went to the best site of the trip.  A 30 meter waterfalls with a pool basin at the bottom.  The freshwater was clear and warm.  Ashley and Dad swam to the waterfalls and actually went behind it from both sides (the left entry was much easier).  Tori liked playing in the warm water where there a huge number of little minnows.  There was fool's gold (little specks of gold colored dust) all around the tidal basin. 

Woke up to news of the 8.9 earthquake in Japan with Tsunami warnings for Hawaii.  We spent our final day around the pool enjoying the warm toasty sun and talking about how we would love to come back to explore more of Costa Rica.


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