Friday, August 20, 2010

Tori's 3rd Birthday Celebrations

Tori has been asking people to come to her birthday party for months. When you ask her what she wants for her birthday, she would always answer birthday cake, party hats, and balloons.

First she celebrated her birthday with her cousin Micah during the girls weekend at the beach.

Micah & Tori

Then she celebrated at preschool. She had to get to school early that day because I had a meeting and when we got there Tori was the first one there. She asked, "Where are the kids? Don't they know there is a party!" She was so excited to celebrate with her friends at school.

Then we had a big family party in Buffalo. At one point, Tori was looking at all the people at the party and she held her hands open and said, "This is my family!" It was just priceless and brought tears to my eyes.

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