Monday, April 12, 2010

Renewing our Wedding Vows...25 Years Later

Our Family vacation this year took us to Aruba. We stayed at the Marriott Aruba Surf where we also renewed our wedding vows to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. It was so nice to have the ceremony with our children and my cousin (who is like a sister to me) and her husband.

The ceremony was beautiful and I cried as soon as I faced Mike to repeat our vows, he joked with me that the next 25 years won't be that bad. The funny part of the ceremony was the crowd of beach goers in bathing suits watching our ceremony and clapping and cheering for us when it ended. The tricky part of the event was the whirled our hair around so that by the end of the wedding we looked a little rough and wind blow.

All in all, it was a wonderful night...The night I married my best friend all over again. I always joke with Mike that I would marry you all over again...and tonight I did!

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pamela said...

You both look beautiful and so happy! Congratulations on finding your best friend and still having each other after 25 years!!!!