Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Planting Palm Trees

Tori was eager to go shopping until she found out we were not going shopping to buy more big girl underpants. She obviously liked doing that and potty training is going superb. We told her we were going to the store to buy some plants...she really wasn't sure what plants were until we showed her. She wanted to buy lots of them and found the different types of plants very interesting.

Tori loved shopping for our new palm trees and planting them even better. At Home Depot she rode the flat bed the trees were on and when we got home she was very active in the planting process. Mike was so patient with her as she shovel as much dirt on the ground as she did into the pot. On a side note, Tori's outfit is another one of creations.


Ashalina said...

Blue Pants with the purple shoes?! Come on mom!

Kim Nagowski said...

Dad put the purple shoes on her not me...you should have known that my dear!