Friday, February 12, 2010

What A Week

This has been an interesting world wind week for us, especially for Nick. Nick's coach at Jack Britt didn't think Nick should go away with us during Spring Break this year. Even after hearing we would be renewing our 25 year wedding vows on this trip, he told Nick he couldn't go if he wanted to play baseball. Nick asked if he could go to Fayetteville Academy, a private college prep school in town with a great reputation for its academic program and pretty good baseball team in its division as well. Nick switched high schools on Tuesday and his first week went very well.

With Valentine's Day coming, I tried a new pattern and made Tori a Valentine themed strip skirt. I can't wait for her to wear it on Sunday. Sunday is also Vietnamese New Year so we will hang some Vietnam lanterns and make some New Year Crafts to get ready for it. I just need to find the safe keeping spot I put the red envelopes.

Kailee and Sophie sitting on the same couch...not an every day occurence...Kailee usually leaves and goes to another spot to lay.

Mike was swinging Tori in the tote that holds her blocks. Amazing she's still small enough to fit it in and she loved every minute of it.

We had really high winds this week that knocked Tori's wooden swing set right over. This weekend, we are expecting snow...maybe up to 4 inches. Being from Buffalo, we laugh at the panic that the southerners feel when it snows. Not having lots of snow plow equipment and salt trucks can make driving challenging and therefore, schools and businesses shut down with the threat of snow.

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