Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pumpkin Patch and Carving Pumpkins

We took Tori to the pumpkin patch downtown. She was very excited to see the pony ride. She rode the ponies twice! Once on the big pony and once on the little pony. She was laughing so hard at one point because the pony kept making a funny noise with his nose. She must have picked up 20 little pumpkins before she settled on one.

Tori was excited to carve the pumpkins. She chose the shapes of each part...a great 0pportunity to teach about shapes. She also told us which shapes to cut out. Mike told me I need to go back to teaching...I do miss it! Tori didn't like how the inside of the pumpkin felt, but she worked hard to get all the seeds out (which Mike kept adding more when she got to the last few).