Saturday, May 30, 2009


We have tried to go on the Carousel before, but Tori didn't like it at all and wanted off. Would today be the day???? We keep trying.First Tori watched and watched.

We asked her if she wanted to ride and at first she said no, but kept watching intently. We asked again and she said yes. So, Mike got on with her. She decided it was okay to hold the pole.

She waved to say she was having fun...still in Mike's arms.

As the ride was over, she decided she would sit on the horse since it was no longer moving. Maybe next time she will try sitting for the actual ride. Baby steps you know!


Mom2J&I said...

Keep it up. I think i forced my poor Jackson to ride like 4 or 5 times (sitting in the bench - NOT on an animal). He always cried a little. The next step was to sit on the same animal as Isabel. And finally he sits by himself and loves it.
I think you were smart to let her watch for a while.
She is just too cute!!!

MotherMotherOcean said...

My kid wont do it. I understand it. It can be scary being up there.

Her hair is so cute- very feminine.

Roberta said...

Just love Tori's cute little profile in the first picture! Helaina didn't ride a carousel the first few times either but after she got over her hesitation we can't keep her off of them now. I'll bet Tori loves riding the horsies after she takes that first leap of faith!