Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Really Cool Pizza Maker

One of the things we are missing from home is good pizza. The pizza in Fayetteville is not even close to the pizza in Buffalo. This Christmas we go this great gift and my family has given it a five star rating so I thought I would share. It's a Presto Pizza Maker. You can use it to cook frozen pizza or fresh. We have tried three different frozen: Red Baron, Digiourno regular and stuffed crust and all came out delicious. The pizzas come out better than being cooked in the regular oven and doesn't take long. In most cases 12-15 minutes and it cleans up easy too. My family likes it better than the take out places in town so we can save money too! I found the pizza in multipacks at Samsclub which make it even cheaper! Just thought I would share a really great pizza maker. Here's one place you can buy it if interested:

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Donna said...

I never realised that you live in Fayetteville. I live in Cabot which is about 30 miles from Little Rock.

Donna Hassen