Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Today Tori celebrated her first Halloween. Tori had a small party at her school. Then we carved her pumpkin when she came home. She seemed interested and was kissing her pumpkin. Lately, Tori kisses just about in books, photographs, puzzle pieces, and many other odd things.

Tori was dressed up as Raggedy Ann. I had these overalls made for her and I even found the doll and book about Raggedy Ann. Kailee was dressed as a pumpkin!

We only made it to three houses when Tori fell asleep in Mike's arms at the third house as we were chatting. This was odd since it was only 7:00 and she normally is up until at least 9 pm. I guess the excitement of the day tired her right out.


Anonymous said...

super cute pictures. She actually looks comfie in her outfit.

Michele said...

Cute costume. Love it, love it, love it.

Beckie said...

she is so the costume! tell Tori "hi" from Mia.

CindyB said...

Dear Kim,
I just found your blog while adding your address to my newsletter list. What a precious family you have! Love the photos, especially the Raggedy Ann costume.
So sweet!
Cindy Beach